Turning 40 is one of the toughest stages in the life of a person as the year reminds them that they are inching towards middle to old age. And making the celebrant happy on his or her birthday would require a lot of effort. But we are here to make your task easy. Let your celebrant feel that he/she is greatly loved and make him/her laugh by sending meaningful 40th birthday wishes and messages. Below are some messages for you to choose from. Choose the best message that you think is suitable for the recipient.


Happy 40th Birthday Wishes And Messages Samples


Life is like riding a bike.
At 40, you still have a long way to go.
So keep on pedaling.
Just enjoy the ride until you heard the crack
that will give your ride a break.
Happy 40th Birthday!

You look stunning tonight.
I can’t believe that you’re already on your 40’s.
I hope this evening will give another remark on your life.
Happy 40th Birthday!


At this age, people measure us with how much success we acquire.
They will admire us when we succeeded and laugh at us when we fail.
But the secret to a beautiful life is,
“Be humble and please only God”.
Happy 40th Birthday!

Smiling can make a person look younger.
So keep on smiling and stay young at heart.
Happy 40th birthday!

I am not rich to offer you expensive gifts.
All I can offer is a prayer.
So I do pray to God to shower you with His blessings
and to take care of you every moment of your life.
Happy 40th Birthday!


Thank you for inspiring me with the quality of your life.
You have given me a lot of hope to move on.
On your 40th birthday, may God shower you with his blessings
and let you live longer to inspire more lives.
Happy 40th Birthday!

40th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Turning 40 is another special milestone in the life of a friend. At this age, they reflect on what achievements they have gained for the past years and what will be his/her goal for tomorrow now that old age is getting near. So make him or her feel special with our samples of happy 40th birthday wishes and messages for a friend.


Our friendship is not about how I chose you to me my friend
at the start but how I value you until the end.
Happy 40th birthday, best!

As we journey life, we find friends along the way
to make the travel worthwhile.
Thanks for filling my journey with lots of fun and happiness.
I hope I made yours too.
Happy 40th Birthday!

Old age can never destroy the friendship we built for how many years.
No matter what happens, you’re still the best partner I ever had.
Happy 40th birthday, my friend!


Words are easy to say; expensive gifts are easy to buy;
but a special person like you is so hard to find.
Thank you for inspiring me and for being the best friend I ever had.
Happy 40th Birthday!

Friends can’t always be there at your side.
They have a life of their own.
I might lose contact with you someday, but always remember this,
I’m so thankful to have you as my friend.
Happy 40th long years of living!

I may not be a clock that can be with you for 24 hours a day, my heart is.
It doesn’t stop caring and loving you like a clock that never stops ticking.
Happy 40th birthday, my friend!

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes

Not everyone is happy at turning 40. So the best you can do on their birthday is making them laugh. Here are few funny 40th birthday wishes and messages that will bring a wide smile on the recipient’s face.


Happy birthday to the most wonderful person on earth!
Hey, I’m talking about myself and not you.
Ha-ha! Just kidding, we’re twins remember?
Happy 40th birthday, bro!

I hope you can manage to stay awake until your party ends.
Remember, it’s your party and not theirs.
Happy 40th Birthday!

Aren’t you happy?
More candles mean a bigger Cake!
Happy 40th Birthday!


Growing is a must,
but growing up is a choice.
So choose wisely.
Happy 40th Birthday!

It took me hours to shop a gift for you.
But I can’t choose the right gift.
So I ended up going here without it.
I hope my presence is already enough.
Happy 40th Birthday!


Just a short advice from a caring friend,
don’t roam too much on your birthday party
if you want to stay until it ends.
Happy 40th Birthday!

For a teen, 40 are old enough.
But for old people like me, you’re still too young.
So always smile because you look older than me when you frown.
Happy Birthday!

If you want to stay young, hang with your 50-year-old friends.
There, you will be labeled as the youngest member of the group.
Happy 40th Birthday!


We hope you like our compilation of 40th birthday wishes and messages. If you have any query, leave us a comment below.

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