Birthday greeting cards do not have to be extravagant, as long as you express your thoughts and feelings clearly in your message, you already made someone’s day. It’s always the thought that counts. So if you have no idea of what to write on your greeting card, here are some ideas for birthday card messages that may help you. You can use it as it is or you can add up a personal touch to make it more personal. Enjoy browsing!



Happy Birthday Card Messages

Birthdays are one of the most significant days in our lives, because it indicates the starting point of our existence here on earth. As a friend, a family or a lover, we also want this day to be special for someone dear to us, that’s why we find ways to make them happy on their birthday celebration. So make them feel special with this happy birthday card messages.

  • I wish to take this moment to wish a special person Happy Birthday. May all good things begin to line up for you in this coming year and may you ever have a smile on your face and joy in your heart.
  • It is another special day to rejoice with a special person on this auspicious occasion of their birthday. Happy birthday to you.
  • Happy birthday to you. I wish for you all the blessings from heaven and a long and healthy and happy life ahead.
  • Happy birthday to a wonderful person. May you live to see your children’s children up to the fourth generation, and may you grow to a ripe rich old age.
  • Life is unfair, no matter what you do; people will always have something to say about you. So make the most out of tonight, it’s your special day anyway, and worry about the rest tomorrow. Happy Birthday! May you have the most wonderful birthday party ever!

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  • At this point of time, another year has been added to your life. You’re not getting younger. So start living your life to the fullest, laugh all you want and take all the chances that is given to you. It’s better to do everything that is exactly what you wanted to do than live the rest of your life in regrets. Happy Birthday!
  • You can never stop birthdays from coming. But you can always avoid the wrinkles age may bring. It’s simple, just always smile and be happy. Happy Birthday!
  • Days would come and go, but today is your moment. So be yourself and don’t let anyone put you down. Raise the star and let it shine. Be proud of who you are and what you are. Happy Birthday!
  • On this special moment of your life, I’m giving you a mirror to see for yourself how beautiful you are no matter how old you get. Happy Birthday to you gorgeous! Always be happy and enjoy your life to the fullest.
  • They say being unique is better than being perfect. This is the perfect moment for you to show everyone how perfect you are in your own unique way. Happy Birthday! May you be able to spread your wings and fly higher than everybody else.
  • Congratulations! You are one of the few people whose birthday I can’t forget. This calls for a celebration. Cheers to the birthday boy/girl.
  • I’m not in the mood to give you any compliment on your birthday because I know I’m not the only one who’s going to give you that. But I feel generous enough to say that you deserve every compliment you received. Happy Birthday!


Birthday Greeting Card Messages

Below are some greeting card messages that you can use to make a handmade birthday card.


  • Years come and years go by, but one thing is for sure. You remain a special person and once again I celebrate you today. Happy birthday.
  • Another year has gone by, another season has come by, another chance to celebrate, another moment to rejoice. Happy birthday to you today.

  • You inspire us all to be the best we can be and it is always a joy to celebrate you. So dear friend, once again we send you our warmest greetings today. Happy birthday to you.
  • We send you this greeting and hope that this day will be the beginning of a bright and fulfilling year ahead. Happy birthday to you.
  • On this wonderful day we send our prayers for you. May all good things come your way. May you live a long, fruitful and healthy life. May all your dreams eventually come true for you. Happy birthday.


  • As you celebrate your birthday today, may heaven open its gates and send you blessings, may your heart be full of joy, may your mouth be filled with laughter and may God bless you with good health and longevity. Happy birthday.
  • Once again it is with great joy and happiness that we celebrate you this day. Happy birthday to you dear friend.
  • Happy birthday to you. As you begin another year of your life my prayer for you is that all the pain of the past will fade away and the sun will ever shine to brighten your days. May you enjoy all the days to come and be thankful.
  • Be happy because today is your big day! Happy Birthday to you!

Birthday Card Messages for Friends

Friends are special and so are their birthdays. So bring a wide grin on your friend’s face with these birthday card messages for friends.


  • Happy birthday to you today. May you know peace and joy from today and may you have a wonderful and blessed day.
  • As you enter into another year of your life, I wish for you all good things in life, I wish for you good health and a long life, I wish for you peace, harmony and prosperity and above all I wish for you love. Happy birthday to you.
  • Every year you start brings hope for a new beginning. As you celebrate your birthday today may you have hope, health and happiness. Happy birthday to you.

  • May this be your best birthday ever. May the day be filled with fun and laughter and may your joy never end. Happy birthday.
  • Take time to enjoy this day for indeed there has never been another like it nor will there ever be. Have a very special birthday today.


  • It is grace and a blessing for you to have come this far. Rejoice in this wonderful day for you have been given a new year to enjoy. Happy birthday.
  • May this special day remind you to ever give thanks for the grace bestowed upon you. May God bless you as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday.
  • I am so lucky to have a friend who stands by my side through ups and downs. Thank you for being my friend. Happy birthday!
  • You are one amazing person and you deserve the best. Wishing you all the best on your birthday. Happy birthday my friend!
  • May your birthday remind you that there are a lot of people who love you. I am one of them. Happy birthday to the most awesome friend ever!


Romantic Birthday Card Messages



  • You are a special gift that God gave to me. I am always grateful to have someone like you in my life. Happy Birthday!


  • Happy birthday to the most special person in the whole wide world. I can’t imagine a life without you. Happy Birthday, darling.
  • On your birthday, let me remind you and make you remember that you are loved. Happy Birthday!
  • I may not always show, but you are the most important person in my life. Let’s celebrate your birthday with a blast. Happy Birthday, sweetie!
  • Happy birthday to the one who made my life complete and filled it with laughter and happiness. I love you!

Funny Birthday Card Messages

If you want to make the recipient smile as he read your card, incorporate some funny birthday card messages. It works best for friends.


  • Today is not the day to mourn about your age. Rather, it is the day to celebrate because another year has passed and you’re still alive. Hurray! Let’s sing a happy birthday song and party all night long.
  • Don’t be sad if your hair is starting to turn gray, just think of it as the newest trend. So smile and be proud of it. Happy Birthday!
  • If looking younger than your age is a crime, then you should be sentenced to death for the crime that you have committed. By the way, it’s a compliment for you. Ha-Ha! Happy Birthday!
  • If I had a time machine, I’d be willing to let you use it to go back to your younger years. Unfortunately, I don’t have one. Just accept it; you’ll never be young again. Ha-Ha! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Happy Birthday!


  • Gifts are given to younger people only. So don’t expect me to give you one. Just kidding! Happy Birthday!
  • I don’t know if you happy today but here’s a beer for your beerday, I mean birthday. Cheers! Happy birthday!
  • There’s a specific line that only appears in your face once a year and I can see it very clearly right now. Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations! Today my friend you’re a bonafide new member of the 20 & up club. Here’s your membership cake. Happy birthday!
  • Each year, I always add a layer to your cake. See that icing on the ceiling? You’re that old already. Happy Birthday!

Feel free to share your own samples of birthday card messages for your card to help other users who don’t know what to write in a birthday card. Enjoy!


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