Find the best collection of romantic birthday wishes for wife here. Become a wonderful man by sending beautiful birthday wishes to your wife to show the love and care, and to keep the warmness of the relation ship of your marriage. Simple words that show your wife that you remember her birthday will make this special lady feel like she means the world to you. This will really make your relations more wonderful and sweet.  To help, we’ve got you a compilation of birthday wishes for wife. Take a look.

Birthday Wishes For Wife

Happy Birthday Messages for Wife


  • My love, on this day that you celebrate your birthday
    I wish you to know that you are the best wife in the whole world
    and I am so lucky to be your husband.
    Happy Birthday, darling.
  • Darling, you are my treasure.
    You fill my life with sunshine every day that we have been together.
    May you have a wonderful day and
    Remember that your husband loves you very much.
    Happy Birthday dear.
  • May this day bring you joy and remind you
    that you are special not only to me but to all those who know you
    for the wonderful lady that you are.
    Happy Birthday darling.
  • You are the fairest of women and I am lucky to be your husband.
    Baby I wish for you all the good things in life
    And most of all today I wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • Every year that passes make me realize
    what a lucky guy I am for having married you.
    You brought sunshine and joy into my life
    and your love is the light that illuminates our marriage.
    Happy Birthday.
  • If I had to choose again you would definitely be my number one all over again.
    You are the light of my life and I love you so much.
    On this special day I wish to tell you Happy Birthday baby girl.
  • You are a special woman and I am glad that on this day some years ago
    God brought you into this world and ever since
    you have lit it up just like you light my life up.
    Happy Birthday baby.birthday messages for wife

We’re here to help you say the words you couldn’t express for your wife on one of the most special day of her life. Below are some of the best and romantic birthday wishes for wife.


  • You’re the most wonderful woman in the world to me.
    You are and will always be – the special girl!
    Happy birthday!
  • Season may change.
    People may come and go.
    But my love for you will remain constant.
    I will always love you.
    Happy Birthday, dear wife!birthday greetings for wife
  • Happy Birthday dear wife.
    On this special day I wish to send you my warm wishes and love.
    You are the best gift that life gave me
    and I am happy that we found each other.
  • Through the years you have been my inspiration and my joy.
    I want to celebrate not only your birthday with you,
    but also the fact that you are a great person.
    Happy Birthday.
  • Your love, tender care and support have kept me going through the seasons.
    Today, I want to let you know that no matter how many seasons pass
    you are still the same girl that I fell in love with and married.
    Happy Birthday to you dear wife.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife


  • Every day that I wake up next to you the sun shines in my life.
    You are the ray that brings light to me and year after year
    On your birthday, you only get better and better
    and I fall in love with you over and over again.
    Happy Birthday my darling.
  • Another year has gone by and once again your birthday is here darling.
    I wish I could catch a star for you and put it in your hair
    but your radiance would outshine it anyway.
    I love you and may you have a wonderful day today.
    Happy Birthday.


  • When I walk in the garden I do not find any flower that catches my fancy
    because I already have you baby.
    You are the most beautiful woman in the world
    and with each passing year your beauty just radiates more and more.
    Happy Birthday to you dear wife.
  • As you celebrate another year of life
    may health and happiness be yours always,
    and may God grant you a long and fulfilled life.
    Happy Birthday darling.
  • Happy Birthday to the most precious girl on this earth.
    Waking up next to you day after day makes me realize
    that I am truly blessed.
    May long life and peace ever be yours.
    I love you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

If you want to make your wife laugh on her birthday, funny birthday messages are good to go.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

  • Baby even if I wanted to forget your birthday
    I would not be able to because your name
    and face are the wallpaper of my phone,
    and every once in a while I am reminded of this special day.
    Happy Birthday love.
  • My dear wife, I am amazed that you made it through another year.
    That you have survived being with me puts you in a class of your own.
    I want to tell you that you are truly a tough girl and I love you very much.
    Happy Birthday.
  • No baby, I have no idea how old you are.
    I know that you are not a person who says one thing this year
    and changes it the next year so I know that you are still as young as
    you said you were the first time that we met.
    Happy Birthday to you.
  • I do not see any grey hairs on your head my love
    because I have selective color blindness.
    You still look as young and fresh as when I first saw you.
    Happy Birthday girl.
  • No matter how many birthdays you celebrate you are still young to me.
    That is why with every passing year there is one less candle on your birthday cake.
    Happy Birthday my dear wife.

Birthday Messages Greetings for Wife

If you’re giving your wife a special birthday card, you want to make sure that the sentiment is the most romantic one. Here are some of the sweetest birthday messages for wife that you can write for your wife’s birthday card.

Birthday Wording for Wife

  • I want to tell you that you are a wonderful woman
    and I say it from the bottom of my heart.
    Even with the passing of time you are still so beautiful to me.
    I love you and wish you all the best in the years to come.
    Happy Birthday darling.
  • Baby, today is a new day for you.
    As you celebrate your birthday
    may it be a year of great fulfillment and achievement for you.
    You have made me a very happy man and I want to wish you Happy Birthday.

  • My precious heart, I am most grateful to God that a few years ago
    on a special day like this one He gave you life
    and allowed you to come into this world.
    On your birthday, I want you to know
    that I cherish and treasure you and will be doing so for the longest time.
    Happy Birthday my love.
  • To the woman that I love.
    Your beauty is not only on the outside but on the inside as well.
    Once again, as your birthday is here I want you to know that you will never grow old
    because your heart is as young as it was when we first met.
    Happy Birthday to you.
  • I love you more than ever and rejoice that once again
    you have been given another year to enjoy.
    May blessings and happiness be yours always.
    I love you and want to wish you Happy Birthday.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Your Wife


  • God had given us many wonderful gifts.
    For me, one of them is you and you have been nothing but a great bridge for His love.
    Best wishes to you and happy birthday.
  • I pray that today, our Lord fills your birthday with His love and joy.
    Celebrate life and give thanks for all the blessings to come your way.
  • You found God first, and then you found yourself.
    Now you’ve found me.
    Happy birthday my dear.
  • I can’t believe how lucky I am for having a chance to be with you on your birthday.
    I will always love you, my dear.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Your heart is the best present I’ve received.
    On your birthday, know that my heart will always be yours.
    Aside from my gifts, of course.
    Happy Birthday, dearest!

Sweetest Birthday Wishes for Wife


  • I might not always say this, but I love you and thank you.
    I want to let you know how much you mean to me and how much I’m thankful for being your husband.
    Happy Birthday, wifey!
  • It’s always a good time whenever I’m with you.
    You make our life easier and happier.
    Happy Birthday, my dear wife.
  • Happy Birthday to the most wonderful woman who made my life complete.
    My wife, happy birthday. I love you.

  • By just looking at you, I realize how blessed I am.
    For I am blessed with a kind, loving and caring wife like you.
    I will always be grateful. Happy Birthday, my dear!
  • Blessing is having a woman of your dreams being your wife.
    I couldn’t ask for more.
    Happy Birthday!
  • You are the answer to my prayer.
    You are the fulfillment of my dream.
    Having a loving and caring wife like you,
    I don’t have any more wishes. Just be with your side
    Happy Birthday, my dearest wife.

Birthday Wishes for Wife from Husband


  • On this special day I celebrate the best treasure in my life. I still lack the words to express my appreciation. You mean more to me than I can put in words. Have the best birthday my darling wife.
  • I have never regretted marrying you and I know I never will be. You are an amazing human being. Happy birthday darling!
  • I still remember what you made me feel when I first fell in love with you. You have made me feel the same every day of all the years we have been married. I will always cherish you! Happiest birthday sweet wife!
  • I am highly favored to have a wife like you. I just want to say that wish is that you have the best birthday ever. May your dreams come true, my love. Wonderful birthday to your dear!
  • Thank you for loving me with my imperfections. My life will forever be devoted to making you the happiest wife in the world. Happiest Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Wife with Love


  • Of all the riches in the world, you are my greatest treasure. I thank God every day for giving you to me. Happy Birthday sweetheart!
  • I must have done something good in my life, for the Almighty to bless my life with an anel like you. I love you honey! Happy birthday.
  • Nothing in this world matters without you in the picture. You make me happy, complete and inspired. You are my strength, my joy and my motivation to always face tomorrow. Happy birthday dear wife!
  • Whatever life has planned for me- my greatest joy is that you will always be by my side. For this, I celebrate. I celebrate our love, our marriage and the blessing of having you as my partner. Happy Birthday my darling wife!
  • The greatest dream-come-true in my life, is having you fall asleep and wake up in my arms. You are my life, my treasure and the best treasure I have. Happy birthday my sweet wife!

Sweet and Passionate Birthday Wishes for Your Wife


  • I wish that the works of our hands be blessed and your heart be filled with happiness. Because someone like you deserves only but the best. Happy birthday my love!
  • I send you warm and loving wishes, that your birthday may bring with it the best in life. May today be the beginning of everything good in your life my precious wife. Happy birthday!
  • I look at the sparkle in your eyes that grow greater every day, and I know that truly life has smiled at me. In you I have found love, happiness, comfort, friendship, partner and confidant. Happiest birthday my love!
  • My body, my soul and every part of me will forever love you. Happy birthday darling!
  • Today I am stronger, happier and more mature because I met you. You have changed me for the best and for that, I say thank you. I will always love you dear. Happy birthday.

We hope that these samples of birthday wishes for wife can help you come up with best notes for your wife’s birthday. These sweet birthday messages that will light up her life and her face and you will have her undying devotion.Of course, don’t forget to get her a gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as it came from the heart and is thoughtful, you’re good to go. Feel free to share your own birthday wishes for wife on the comment box below. Cheers!

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