Sweet Love Messages for Girlfriend

Love Messages for Girlfriend: Whether you for an old school slipping a hidden note inside her planner or go digital with instant messaging or tag her on an SNS post—saying “I love you” to your girl makes both of your days extra bright. True love, in contrary to most beliefs these days, isn’t at all complicated. Its simplicity is masked by innocence and purity. Making a girl’s skip a heartbeat should be second nature to any guy, as long as those three magical words hold a deep meaning for both.

I Love You Messages for Your Girlfriend


“You are the hottest girl in class that’s why everyone wanted to have you. Now that you’re mine, only I know how beautiful your heart really is. Stay lovely and loving today and for manty days.”

“I can only paint the world with colorful hues every time we are together. Our love is a masterpiece you create every day.”

“When I found you, I realized that I really didn’t need a perfect life—all I needed was you making every day filled with love and happiness.”

“I am perfectly fine if people call me selfish for only wanting your happiness and love every single minute of the day.”

“You are an awesome person. I can’t believe how I just realized that only now because I was blinded by your beauty. But now, you bloom in a lovelier light.”

How to Say I Love You to Your Girlfriend


“Sorry for the times I keep spacing out when you’re telling me something, I just love listening to the sound of your voice—that then turns into a prettier girl with every word.”

“Just like how you need fries and apple pie on your spaghetti meal, I know cannot last a day without your lovely smile and beautiful face.”

“I still don’t know how you pull together innocence and sexy glamour, all I know is that I am the luckiest guy on the planet for having a girlfriend like you.”

“February is probably the worst month—I only have twenty-eight days to tell you I love you and hug you in the morning and kiss you goodnight.”

“My heart tingles and sizzles with every kiss and hug you give to me. You just blow my mind away with your flirty winks. Thanks a lot—I’m a crazy person now.”

Most Romantic Love Messages for Girlfriend


“A song says he would walk a thousand miles to prove his love. I will never do that, because wherever you go, I’ll be there holding your hand.”

“Thank you for your morning hugs that make me feel I am the handsomest man earth when I actual reality I’m scruffy and smell when I get off the bed. Your love is the best.”

“Every day you make me believe in true love. From this day on, my heart knows how to love only you.”

“I think of you when I’m happy. I think of you when I’m sad. Every single step I take lead me to your love.”

“My heart only calls for your love, and every time it does, I have no strength to deny it of you.”

Sweet Love Messages for Her


“Like stars shinning in the night sky, my love for you knows no bound from the fall of darkness to the break of dawn.”

“Whenever you share your beautiful smile with me, I feel like I’m the luckiest man alive.”

“I know we’re a weird couple because almost nothing about us matches. Still, I know and feel that all I need to get me through the day is your love.”

“Just the thought of you makes me smile to myself. The happiness you share with me every day is something I will always treasure.”

“Your love knows no complexities or pride or pretensions. It is simple and straight forward, and like me, you don’t know any other way how to love.”

Sweet I Love You Girlfriend Messages


“Whatever your past is and whatever the future holds, know that I will always stay by your side and will never let your hand go.”

“While some believe that love is fate, ours happened with an accidental heartbeat and flashes of shy smiles.”

“You’ve become the compass of my life. Where ever I go, at the end of the day, I find myself resting in your arms.”

“A story has three main parts. Beginning. Middle Ending. Example: I. Love. You.”

“While everything around you was perfect, you chose to love me in spite of the fact that I’m the weirdest boy you’ve ever met—now I know what true love looks like.”

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