Birthday Wishes for Cousin: It’s your cousin’s birthday, but you are not quite sure of what to tell him/her? Here are some birthday messages for your cousin that might express just exactly what you want to say:

birthday greetings for cousin

Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Don’t forget to greet your cousin a happy Birthday! If you still don’t know what to write or tell them, we’re here to help. You may use some of the samples of cousin birthday messages. You may also edit these birthday messages for your cousin as necessary. Enjoy!

  • You are more than just a blood relative to me—you are a very special friend. So on this very special day of yours, I hope you have a fun-filled day, as well as for the coming ones ahead of you. Happy birthday, my dear cousin!
  • Every time I see you, I am so proud that I am part of our family. You really are a wonderful person and you definitely deserve the best. May you continue to bring light into our lives. Happy birthday!

birthday greeting messaes for your cousin

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  • God made us cousins because He knew our mothers wouldn’t be able to handle us as siblings. Happy birthday, dear cousin! Stay amazing!
  • There is something so great about being cousins. We are deeply connected like no other friendship can share. Happy birthday! I wish you more birthdays to come and more fun days ahead.
  • Happy birthday, dear cousin! I hope you have a very wonderful time on this special day because you are a wonderful person to behold.

happy birthday messages for cousin

  • You are like the sibling I never had! Thank you for making my life more colorful than it already is. I hope you stay the same because you are perfect the way you are. May you continue to be blessed with great friends and be showered with love. Happy birthday, cousin!
  • You might think that we’re close because we’re related. But you know, you should think otherwise. Even if we weren’t cousins, I’d definitely be your friend. You’re really a great person to be with and I wouldn’t let that go. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my dear cousin! I wish you all the best, not just for today, but for always! Enjoy your special day and continue on making our lives a bit brighter everyday.

Birthday Greeting Messages for Your Cousin

Didn’t find the perfect birthday greetings for your cousin from the samples above? No need to worry, we’re offering you more samples below. Just keep scrolling and enjoy more list of happy birthday wishes greetings for your cousin. Cheers!

happy birthday wishes for cousin

  • Every family reunion, I look forward to seeing you because you make the occasion extra special with your happy disposition and your infectious laugh. Stay the same, cousin! Happy birthday!
  • Always treat every birthday as if it’s your last one. Have all the fun you can get and be grateful for everything you have in the moment. Continue to share your love with your family and friends and never forget how to smile at life. Happy birthday, cousin!
  • If we weren’t related and I had no chances of meeting you, my life would definitely have a sense of emptiness. I am thankful I have you in my life. Never change, unless for the better, because you are already amazing the way you are. Happy birthday!

birthday wishes for cousin

  • No wonder you’re amazing, smart, good-looking, and just plain awesome—we’re related! Happy birthday, cousin! I wish you nothing but good things for you in life.
  • You are one of our family’s treasures. You don’t know how proud we are of you. I wish you keep it up and that you remain the bright and cheery person that you are. Happy birthday!
  • One of the reasons why I love our family is that someone like you is part of it. Happy birthday, dear cousin! May your day be filled with love and happiness, as well as the rest of your life.

Happy Birthday Messages for Cousin

Be it a birthday card or gift tag, you want to make sure that you write the perfect and best birthday card wordings on it. Here, you can find some samples of birthday card messages for cousin that you can use.

birthday wishes for cousin

  • Happy birthday dear cousin. It is a pleasure to celebrate such a wonderful person such as yourself. May your day be filled with laughter and joy and may you celebrate many more birthdays to come.
  • Dear cousin, as you celebrate yet another milestone in your life may all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy birthday to you.

happy  birthday wishes for cousin

  • Growing up with you has been a great experience and once again we celebrate this great day on which you were born. All the best to you today and always. Happy birthday.
  • Cousin dear, you are like a sibling to me and I want you to know just how special you are to me. I wish you all the good things in life as you celebrate yet another year of your life. Happy birthday and God bless you.
  • Aside from the fact that you are my relative you are also my friend and I am glad that some years ago on a day like this God saw that I would need you and brought you into our family. The world is a better place because you are in it. Happy birthday dear cousin and I love you.

birthday greetings for cousin

  • Dear cousin I can never forget just how blessed my life has been because you are in it. And today I celebrate you and pray that all will go well for you always. Happy birthday.
  • As a family we are honored that you are part of us. Once again today is a great day in which we want to celebrate you and let you know how special you are to us all. Happy birthday dear cousin.

cousin birthday messages

Cousins are wonderful and special people and often times they are like our very own siblings. It is nice to be part of an extended family and being kind and loving to extended family creates harmony and brings joy to many generations. Whether maternal or paternal cousins there is room for being close to your cousins and especially as you grow older. Growing up with them and sharing special times is a blessing and whenever you get the chance you should take time to have fun moments with your cousins. Make friends with your relatives and see how your life will be enriched. Remembering them during special occasions like their birthdays will touch their hearts. Imagine the joy you feel when you are sent many special birthday greetings, receiving cards and gifts and how much that makes you feel that you are loved. You need to reciprocate and make your cousins feel like they are an important part of your life, which indeed they are. Send a special birthday message to these special people in your life.

birthday messages for cousin

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