Good morning text messages for your girlfriend. Undoubtedly there are various ways to send messages and express your love to your one and only girlfriend. But are you aware that that one of the most romantic thing in this world is do it the old ways? Nowadays, good morning messages come in instant. But lucky for you we have prepared the sweetest and most romantic good morning messages for your partner. These are simple yet sincere good morning greetings and messages that convey how grateful and fortunate you are for being with her this morning.


  • The hardships of yesterday are buried after the birth of this new day. Given this chance I want to thank you for loving me each day.
  • The girl of my dream is the one I always see every morning!


  • A morning without a cup of coffee is incomplete, but a life without you makes my world empty.
  • By just thinking that I will be with you this morning it makes me feel excited to step out of bed.
  • The only time I’ll know that the shine is shining, is when I hear your voice and say good morning!


  • Imagine a life without sunlight, for me it is like an endless night without having you by my side. Good Morning!
  • You are the reason why I get out of bed early this morning, because I am so excited to see you smiling ^_^


  • The opposite of day is night while the perfect match for me is YOU and I.
  • I tried to shine so bright so that one day you’ll notice me that I am just right here by your side.


  • Rise and shine my precious angel because I have something important to tell. I love you as much as the sun shines this morning and I’ll be missing you as much as the sun sets this morning.
  • Just like the sun, YOUR love wakes me up!
  • As I grab my coffee this morning I felt your hand touching mine.


  • Troubles are natural, but my love for you is more than neutral. Good Morning!
  • Our love can be as ordinary as the sun shines this morning. But just like its rays, together we our shining each other’s life. Xoxo


  • Through my darkest hour, the sun always comes out and shines its light. I will never let anyone becomes my sun other than YOU.
  • I want to sing you the most beautiful song, but if I cannot do that, then watch the sun shines towards you. There you’ll see how much I wanted to see you 


  • Nothing can deny how lucky I am to have a girl like you. Not just because you’re pretty and smart but because you own my heart!
  • Start your day with a big smile and remember that my love for you will never die.


  • I never believe in fantasy, but when I met you I realized that happily ever after do happen.
  • I am sending you my heart to give you strength as this new morning start.
  • I don’t want to get out of my bed, because I am busy watching your picture inside my head. Kindly get up and wake me up coz I am missing you ever since we said goodnight.


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