It is always a good thing to appreciate those who have made it possible for us to enjoy peace with our loved ones. Showing gratitude to those who have sacrificed the comfort of a house and warmth of family is also a way to be patriotic. Sometimes you can run out of proper ways to say thank you to our veterans, but a simple message or card can prove very effective. On Veterans Day, choose a message and send to a friend or family member to lift their spirits and thank them for their efforts. Here is a list of good messages for Veterans Day:

Veteran’s Day Messages


“I salute you for giving up everything, so that I can have everything. I don’t have the right words to say thank you. Happy Veterans Day!”

“Respect to you for protecting our country and making it a better place to live in. Happy Veterans Day!”

“With eyes full of tears, I salute you for the enormous sacrifice you have given to us all. Respect! Happy Veterans Day!”

“I raise a glass to honor the heroes of our land! Thank you so much for protecting us all. Happy Veterans Day!”


“Your sacrifice has shaped our nation to become one of the most admired country. We salute you all! Happy Veterans Day.”

Veterans Day Thank You Messages


“You have paid the price for all of us so that we can enjoy freedom and peace. We salute you, we honor you! Happy Veterans Day.”

“Today I enjoy a happy and peaceful country and it’s all because you thought of me and gave up everything to defend this country. Thank you grandpa for your service! Happy Veterans Day!”

“I married a super hero, a protector that does not only protect his wife and kids; but also the entire country. Thank you for your service to our country my darling! Happy Veterans Day!”

“I am proud to be the daughter of an amazing veteran like you. Happy Veterans Day!”

“Your presence in our community is an inspiration to our children and to us all. This is just to say thank you for the service you gave to this country. Happy Veterans Day!”

“To our veterans, I salute you! With gratitude and honor I say thank you for your sacrifice. Happy Veterans Day!”

“To our service men and women, may God bless you and all your future generations. Happy Veterans Day!”

Veterans Day Greetings Messages


“As I sit down with my family, I raise a glass to pay tribute to all the service men and women who have sacrificed everything to protect us. Happy Veterans Day!”

“You will never be forgotten for the sacrifice you have made for our nation. On this day we celebrate the gift of freedom that you have given us. Happy Veterans Day!”

“You are the cause of the glue that holds our country together. We salute you! Respect to all of you! Happy Veterans Day!”

“As the flag waves up high, we pay tribute to the heroes of our land. You are appreciated for the gift of freedom that you have offered us. Happy Veterans Day!”

“Honoring all the Veterans of our nation; thank you for defending and protecting us. I salute you!”

“I am filled with immense admiration for your urge to serve our country at whatever cost. I hope my appreciation gives you the strength to face all the challenges. Happy Veterans Day!”

Veteran Day Greeting Card Messages


“Honor and respect to all our service men who sacrificed all to give us the peace we enjoy! Happy Veterans Day!”

“Thank you for the time you have served in uniform to protect our nation. Today we honor you! Happy Veterans Day!”

“No amount of thank you will ever be sufficient for sacrificing your lives and families. You will forever be our heroes! Happy Veterans Day!”

“For those who have fallen and those who have made it home; I salute you, I honor you and I respect you! Thank you for your sacrifice. Happy Veterans Day!”

“Today we are all filled with pride as we celebrate the lives of the heroes of our nation. A standing ovation to all the veterans of our land. Happy Veterans Day!”

“It is a day to salute the veterans who have lost their lives in service of our land. We are a proud nation because of you. We salute you! Happy Veterans Day!”

“I walk with my head held up high, knowing that the love of my life is fighting for my country and my freedom. Happy Veterans Day!”

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