May Jesus shower his choicest blessing on you, on this christmas season!!

 Religious Christmas Messages: We all know that God is the biggest giver of all when He gave us His son. But He didn’t do that just for Him to get the said title. It was love that brought forth His giving this most precious gift to us. When we give and receive love this Christmas, there is nothing more we need. But love comes in many shapes and in this case—words. Here are some of the best and heartfelt religious Christmas greetings that you can send to your family and loved ones this holiday season.


Religious Christmas Greeting Card

religious christmas greetings

“When Christmas comes, God waves his magical hand and then everything becomes fluffy and sweet. This Christmas, I think He spent a little extra time on you. You are extra happy, extra vibrant and extra lovely.”

“Heart-pounding emotions descend from the skies along with the snow, carrying with them a mysterious melody that makes us burst into singing joyful carols. Every song spreads the magic of love. The unconditional love that God gives us all the time—but it’s too much for one person, so I’m sharing mine with you this Christmas.”

“Christmas is like a door of dreams that magically connects us all. A passageway back to our childhood that makes us believe in the wonders winter brings to us. Every day it grows bigger and spreads wider as our hearts are filled with love and joy. Until everyone feels the same and then suddenly, everything is nothing but…merry.”

“The warmth of your smile during this season is a gift I will always choose to want. If I could be selfish for only one day, I would keep your smile all to myself. But I’m afraid that such a gift is meant to be shared with everyone else. Because such a gift would mean the best Christmas of my life.”


Religious Merry Christmas Messages for Friends

religious christmas cards

“Christmas with you is like a hug that my heart has been waiting for all year. And now that you’ve given me yours, mine will be an even bigger and tighter hug. One that will remind you how happy I feel to be your friend.”

“Christmas is a switch I flip on to activate the love and happiness I want to share with you this season. It is a special feature in me that I save only for this time of the year where the best memories happen. Memories that I want to hold dear with you as we face the new year.”

“Christmas is one of the many ways God tickles our ears with His words that reminds us how much He wants us to be happy all the time. To keep our faith strong and our heart stronger still. That way, even if winter is cold, we still feel he warmth of the love the surrounds us.”

“Being with you is the best feeling in the world. Being with you this Christmas is better than best. Making the happiest memories with you as we celebrate the season is nothing but the perfect gift I could ever receive.”

“You say that Christmas with me is a big adventure you never planned, but then one that you enjoy the most. If so, then you are the greatest treasure I was never looking for, yet here you are finding me at the right place and time.”

Religious Christian Christmas Messages


“Being with you this past year is the best since we get to spoil each other as if it was Christmas all the time. So this Christmas season, we are allowed to go as crazy as we can get as long as we do it together.”

“We all know that God is the ultimate painter, and He especially likes to paint for us during Christmas. This is the time when everything is as pure and white as snow. Everyone is as gentle and silent as the morning winter breeze. A time where the rays of the sun tells us that is was a good year and the one that’s coming up next has already been planned by Him to be the best yet.”

“This Christmas, my eyes will be the lens that will capture the joys of your child-like heart. It is a rare memory that can only be made during this season. Always gleaming with color and warmth and never fading to the tests of time.”

“As the stars shine brighter this Christmas, the youthful gleam in your eyes shines with them. As if in a concert of happy emotions, swirling endlessly like a small blizzard—I am blown away by the mere thought of you and me spending this joyous season together.”

“With the kind of friendship we share, every day is as colorful and magical as Christmas day. But now that is actually Christmas, we’re practically living a fairytale life with all the adventures and misadventures we’ve had.”

Religious Christmas Wishing Quotes

religious christmas messages

“Just like a red rose blooming to its fullest beauty, I will carry gently the wonderful memories we will make as we spend Christmas together with our families. Our love will nourish it until the time has come for it to bloom once more.”

“With a friend like you, finding new wonderful things this Christmas will bring is just the tip of the iceberg. Sharing all these joyful emotions with you isn’t just a gift shaped in perfection—it is a precious treasure I will keep for all my life.”

“Because of His great love for us, God made our dreams come true by giving us the miracle of Christmas. In this dream, all His hopes and desires for us sparkle bright like the millions of twinkling stars. This Christmas, let us pick as much star and spread God’s love all over the world.”

“Christmas is a heavenly season that makes everything good and beautiful. Making it extra special is the fact that I hold your hands as we celebrate it together, bearing in mind that from here on out, Christmas for the next seventy years will be just as magical as this one.”

“The biggest, most amazing and downright delightfully amazing feast of all is Christmas dinner. But all that wonderful food cannot possibly fit inside my tummy. Good thing I have you and our circle of friends to keep that field covered most outstandingly.”

Religious Christmas Wishes and Card Messages

religious christmas cards for friends

“An entire year’s journey and encounters is defined by the coming of Christmas day. On this day we stop and contemplate and try to give meaning to everything that was. That fateful day of meeting you haveled to me inviting you for a dinner I know you’ll find hard to say no.”

“This season of faith, family and friends is the true spirit of Christmas. I wish for you to be blessed still with the love and glory of our Lord and Savior and that you may the strongest heart to share this joyful season to everyone.”

“Treasure the memories you’ve made this past year and look forward to more good ones as the Christmas season rings in the new year. May more happiness, hope, love and adventure come your way as you keep your unwavering faith to our Lord.”

“Just the sight of you makes Christmas brighter as you pour your heart out like the child you once were, playing in the snow, putting up the Christmas tree, and…stuffing your face with food wherever you can find it.”

“Being with you is like opening a Christmas present every day. Now that its Christmas, the excitement I feel is just off the scales. So I need you around me to make sure that I am contained for most of the season.”

Religious Christmas Cards with Messages and Wordings

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