It is always wonderful to receive the good news of the birth of a baby, whether it is from relatives, friends or even neighbours. Families feel especially honoured when loved ones and friends join them in celebrating the good news and rejoice at the birth of their new born babies. Babies, whether boy or girl, bring with them a sense of newness and no matter what the season or challenges being faced. It seems like hope is restored and people look forward to the coming days with anticipation. So if you’re near one is also blessed with a bundle of joy, how about sending some congratulation messages for new born baby boy?

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Congratulation Messages For New Born Baby Boy:

Receiving congratulation messages for new born baby boy from you will brighten up and make the special occasion even more special. So here are some samples of congratulation messages for new born baby boy for you to refer.


  • Today begins a great journey of a lifetime as you welcome your precious little boy into this world. May God’s guiding hand ever be on you all and may you enjoy every step of this journey. Congratulations to you.


  • As you celebrate your new baby boy may all anxiety and fear fade away for hope has been born. May you ever entrust your little one into God’s hands for that is where he is safest. Congratulations dear friends.
  • God has bestowed this special blessing to you and you should therefore rejoice always that out of all the families in the world God chose this little boy to be a part of yours. Congratulations and best wishes to you always.


  • Congratulations for making it through nine tough months, and this wonderful little boy is the reward of your patience and labour. May he grow up to be a great man and through it all may your joy know no bounds. Well done.
  • You have done us proud and we are thrilled as we welcome this new little boy. We all wish you and your baby and the whole family good health and well being. Congratulations.


  • After all that you have been through may this new baby boy lift you up and bring joy into your lives. Congratulations.
  • As light dispels darkness, may the birth of your new baby boy be the light the illuminates your lives now and always. Congratulations.


  • This is sunrise and we are glad to be basking in its glow. May your new son bring radiance and hope for a bright future ahead. Congratulations dear friends.
  • Congratulations on the birth of your new son who has brought hope not only to your family, but to all those whose lives he will touch. God bless you all and may the little one enjoy plenty of good health.
  • Every baby born in this world adds to the sparkle that makes the world brighter. Your baby boy has brought radiance and may his live ever glow. Congratulations.


  • Today is a special day as we rejoice that we are part of this good news. We are grateful that you have included us in your joy and we pray that your son and his mother will ever enjoy good health and we pray for God’s blessings on you all.
  • Your son’s birth is a special occasion and we pray that his future will be just as special. Our gratitude goes to God and we join in your celebrations. Congratulations to you all.


  • The long wait was worth it and your special bundle of joy is now here. Congratulations to you and the whole family and may this little boy bring joy to all of you always.
  • The new addition to your family comes as a blessing to all of us and we join you in celebrating the safe delivery of your son. As he grows up may you always find joy and happiness in his being a part of your family. Congratulations to you.


  • Please receive our congratulations and best wishes at the birth of your little prince. Our lives are brightened and we rejoice with you. All the best now and always.
  • When you hold your little son may you see posterity and may the thought feel your hearts with joy and gladness. Congratulations on a job well done, I am so happy for you.congratulation-messages--for-new-born-baby-boy-04
  • Sons are like arrows in a man’s quiver and today God has added one to yours. May he ever cause you to smile and rejoice at the blessings of God. Congratulations to you both.
  • Receiving this little prince in the world is an honour and we are grateful to God for allowing us to be a part of his life. Congratulations and we wish you all good health and good days to come.


  • May your baby boy and his mother be in good health and we are praying for God’s blessings on all of you. Congratulations to you all and we wish you well.
  • It gives me great joy to know that I am a part of this wonderful little boy’s life. Thank you for sharing your son with me and enriching my life. Congratulations for being parents today.

We hope our samples of congratulation messages for new born baby boy help you in your endeavors. Feel free to share your own congratulation messages for new born baby boy in the comment section below.

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