When sending out Christening  invitations to this special occasion it is important to set a date which will be convenient for all those who you expect to attend. Apart from the child’s name and parents, the date, time and venue must also be put on the invitation to avoid any confusion. You can find some Christening Invitation Wording Samples and Christening Invitation templates below


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #1

In this section you can find some samples of Christening Invitation Wording, that will give you an idea.

God gave us a beautiful baby.
We would like to give her back to the Lord.

Join us for the christening of
Our beloved daughter
Samantha Irene Holford

On Sunday, January 3rd 2018
Church of the Good Shepherd
1456 West Denvers Avenue
Chicago, Illinois.

Parents: Susan and Walter Holford
Godparents: Mercy and Henry White

Refreshments following the ceremony at
The Godparents’ home
145 Hillside Drive
Chicago, Ilinois.

RSVP 703-987-0965


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #2

Please join us for the blessed
Christening of our beloved son

Justin Raymond Redford

Saturday, February 20th, 2016
At 3.00 p.m.

At our home
Anne and Gilbert Redford
345 Millbrook Drive
Fort Worth, Texas

Regina and Timothy Wilcox.

Refreshments following the ceremony.

RSVP 803 234 5786


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #3

To whom much is given,
Much is expected.
We were given

Agatha Regina Whitehall

And we give her back to The Lord
At a Christening ceremony
At St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
367 Church Road,
Tulsa, Oklahoma

On Sunday, 6th May, 2018
At 10.00 a.m.

Parents: Mary and Elkanah Whitehall
Godparents: Hannah and Samuel Ridge.

Refreshments at our house thereafter
155 Bishops Road
Tulsa, Oklahoma.

RSVP 903 456 8732


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #4

Angelina and Jonathan Peters
Would like you to join them
In celebrating the Christening
Of their beloved twins

Timothy Andrew and Brigitte Nancy

Sunday, September 6th
At 3.00 p.m.
Church of Good Hope
San Fernando Drive
Tucson, Arizona
God parents:
Grace and Andrew Bright
Nancy and Wilson Hammond

Refreshments at the church hall
Immediately after ceremony.

RSVP 701 234 5678


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #5

Jesus said “let the little children come to me..”

Hope Akinsha and Kofi Ansah

Would like you to join them
At the Christening ceremony
Of their beloved daughter

Anita Kwesi Ansah

On Saturday, 7th July 2016
At 3.00 p.m.
At Good Shepherd Church
234 Winter Road
Lubbock, Texas.

Rita and Moses Kwesi

Refreshments following the ceremony
At our house
345 Ridgewood Drive
Lubbock, Texas


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #6

“Sanctify to Me every firstborn,
The first offspring of every womb
Among the sons…” said the Lord.

Sylvia and Samuel Mwangi

Would like you to join them
At the Christening ceremony of
Their first born child

Isaac Abraham Mwangi
Sunday, 15th August 2018
At 10.00 a.m.

Church of the Good Shepherd
67 Myrtle Road
Medford, Oregon

Sheila and Abraham Ndunge

Luncheon following the ceremony
At our home
234 Oleander Road
Medford, Oregon.

RSVP 902 345 7865


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #7

Behold Children are a heritage
from the Lord.

Elizabeth and Wycliffe Summers

Would like you to join us
For the blessed Christening ceremony
Of our daughter

Hilda Angeline Summers

Sunday, October 25th, 2017
Church of St. Philip
San Pedro, New Mexico.

God parents:
Anita and Jose Santos

Refreshments following the
Ceremony at our home
45 Bridgetown Drive,
San Pedro, Mexico.

RSVP 204 536 8976


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #8

I am a miracle.
I am gift to my parents
From The Lord.
I, Timothy Andrew Oldright

Together with my parents
Nancy and Wilson Oldright

And my god parents
Fatima and Anthony Bridges

Would like you to join us for
My Christening ceremony
Sunday, 10th March, 2016
Church of Good Hope
234 Old Town,
Omaha, Nebraska.

Lunch will be served at our home

456 New Town,
Omaha, Nebraska

RSVP 786 986 4568


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #9

Please join us for the
Christening of our daughter

Claudia Marie Brians

On Saturday, April 10th, 2017
At 10.00 a.m.

St. Andrew’s Church
Boise, Idaho

Sharon and Martin Brians

Tracey Johns and Andrew White.

Lunch will be served at our home
Following the ceremony.
156 Millway Road
Boise, Idaho.

RSVP 896 754 8976


Christening Invitation Wording Sample #10

On this day we place
Our son into the Lord’s Hands

Please join us in a Christening
Ceremony in honor of our son

Rick Warren Lawrence

On Sunday, November 4th, 2019
Independent Church of Christ
895 New Hollyoak Road
Birmingham, Alabama.

Sheila White and Johansen Lawrence

Jane Smith and Eugene White

Lunch will be served at
Birmingham Country Club
345 West Way,
Birmingham, Alabama

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