Looking for breakup messages for girlfriend? Don’t know how to say it’s over to your girlfriend? Much as no one is ever prepared for break ups in their love relationships they happen and it is a painful and difficult thing to separate from someone you loved. Sometimes finding the right words to end the relationship are hard because usually people do not really want to hurt their ex lovers.


However, if a relationship has run its course and there is nothing more that can be done to rekindle the spark the kindest thing to do is to let go and move on. It is not easy to let your girlfriend go, especially if you still love her but staying with someone out of pity only creates resentment in the long run. So tell the truth and be honest about why you cannot continue to be in the relationship. It will hurt but in the long run your girlfriend will be glad you did, and it will give you both the chance to meet the true loves of your lives.

  • This is goodbye. I wish you well in your new life and hope you will find a man worthy of your love.


  • I cannot believe that you would disrespect me in front of your friends. It shows that I am nothing more than a boy toy to you and I will not take such humiliation any more. I am sorry this is goodbye.
  • Baby it hurts me so much to have to say goodbye but things have not been good between us for a long time now. You are a wonderful woman and I wish you love.


  • Our paths are leading us in different directions and it is obvious they will never meet again. Loving you was good but baby girl it is time for us to go our separate ways. Good bye and all the best.
  • The fact that you do not trust me really hurts me. Your paranoia is creating a lot of tension between us. I do not know how else I can prove that it is you that I love and not any other girl. I think we need a break from each other for awhile to reassess our relationship.


  • Baby girl we cannot keep hurting each other, it is not healthy. You are the best thing that happened to me in a long while and I am so sorry that it has to end this way. I wish you well.


  • When I met you, you were a calm and rational girl and that is who I fell in love with. But baby I am seeing a different side of you and it is hard to believe that you are the same woman. I am sorry I cannot take the drama any more. For our peace of mind and sanity I am walking away and ending this relationship.


  • You knew how taxing and demanding my job was even before we started dating. I love my work and what I do and if you cannot handle my schedule then I guess there is nothing more to say. It is better to stop wasting each other’s time because I cannot be what you want me to be.


  • We need to slow things down girl because I feel like we are moving too fast and I am not ready to take things to the next level yet. Time apart may actually give us new insights as to whether we are meant to be together or not.
  • I am sorry that I cannot be the kind of man you can manipulate, disrespect and twist around your little finger. I prefer that we end things here and now and we go our separate ways.


  • Talking too much will not resolve things between us dear girl. Time apart will help us think rationally and maybe later we may even get back together. But for now let us just say goodbye.
  • Love is based on trust and you keep accusing me of cheating on you with other women. You have to accept that I have many female friends who are not necessarily love interests. If you cannot accept my friends then it is better that we end this here and now.


  • I truly hope you meet the kind of man you want because I cannot be boxed in as you are trying to do. I need my space. Good bye and I wish you well.


  • Lady, you need to grow up. Hysterics and unnecessary drama is for kids and I cannot be dating someone so immature.
  • No amount of tears, sulking or pouting will make me change my mind. You knew we would eventually have to go our separate ways because we were mismatched from the beginning. Let us just act like grownups and let go.


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