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Man was created to work and so from when we are able to we are always at work, sometimes for the monetary benefits and sometimes just for the joy of working. In any case, after many years of putting in all our efforts in working, the time comes when we need to take a break from it all and either go back home and rest or take on newer challenges. Whatever the case, your friends and family will need to be encouraged and inspired as they enter into retirement. Below are a few samples of retirement wishes that you can use to cheer up your friends and relatives.



Though retirement can be the beginning of new and better things, the fear and uncertainties that plague retirees is all too real. But by sending retirement wishes, you can let the retiree know that you will always be with them, whenever need arises.


  • Who said life is boring? You are beginning the most exciting phase of your life as you begin your retirement. Congratulations on your retirement!
  • Can you imagine hours and hours of enjoying your hobbies, days and days of doing whatever you want? You are one lucky person. Best wishes on your retirement.


  • Congratulations on finally getting to this place of retirement. Your hard work over the years is finally paying off and now you are free to be all you ever wanted to be. 
  • May this time be a time of fulfillment for you and may joy and happiness ever fill your heart and days. Best wishes on your retirement.


  • You started planning for this day from the first day that you were employed and I bet you never thought it would get here so soon. Well it is finally here and I hope you are well prepared to face the days ahead. Have no fear because it is just another mountain that you need to climb. Best wishes on your retirement.

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Sending someone a retirement wishes and message will let them know that you are thinking of them and will keep them going even when the future seems bleak because of leaving their normal life behind to take on something else. Take a look at some happy retirement messages and wishes below.


  • I send you my heartfelt happy retirement wishes as you begin this new journey of your life. 
  • The best years are ahead of you and face them with the same courage and tenacity that you faced your working years. Enjoy your retirement.
  • As you step out into the unknown just have faith in yourself and in the fact that this is just but one other challenge you have to face. You will eventually conquer retirement blues and find joy in the days ahead. Happy retirement to you.
  • You have worked so hard in the years past and you deserve this rest. However it is not a time to just sit around and do nothing. Find something that inspires you and do it with all your might. Happy Retirement!


  • I wish for you joy and happiness as you begin your retirement. Now that you have finally slowed down use this time to do the things that you never got done in your own life. Congratulations on your retirement!
  • Take that trip, start that hobby, climb that mountain. Whatever you ever wanted to do you can now do. Best wishes on your retirement
  • Best wishes to you as you take up the new role of retiree. It is a tough job in case you did not know. Best wishes on your retirement!
  • Think of the many hours of rest and relaxation, no ringing phones, no angry clients, no nagging bosses, just imagine how busy you will be doing nothing. Happy retirement to you.



  • You always loved Sundays because it meant time off and rest. Now you have three hundred and sixty five Sundays all coming one after another for as many years as lie ahead of you. What a lucky person you are. Best wishes on your retirement.
  • Retirement looks good on you. Even as I send you these best wishes on your retirement I wish we could trade places. You now have time to make all your dreams come true and I envy you. Best wishes on your retirement.
  • Now I understand why you worked so hard all those years, you were trying to chase the years and make time move faster so that this time could come sooner. Well, it is finally here and I know that you are getting ready to chase something else, freedom. Enjoy your retirement for you truly deserve it.
  • Seeing you now makes me so proud of you. You were consistent in your life time of work and now you have earned yourself a much needed break. And I know that your consistency will make you enjoy your retirement. All my best wishes to you.
  • You are one of the wisest people that I know because though you still have many working years in you, you have opted to stop and just have a good time. Happy Retirement!
  • May your retirement bring you fulfillment in ways you never expected. Best wishes to you.


Your co workers are sure to appreciate your thoughtful retirement wishes for coworker as they enter this new life.


  • I could almost envy you all those free hours away from crazy and complaining clients, phones that ring endlessly and sometimes too high expectations from the superiors. Those end now. Enjoy your retirement, my friend!
  • You are free at last my friend, so go and enjoy your freedom and find something less stressful to do. Happy retirement to you.
  • In all the time that we worked together you struck me as someone very dedicated to your work. You inspired me to work hard and achieve the impossible and I will miss your mentorship and help. Best wishes on your retirement!
  • May God bless you and may happiness and fulfillment be your portion as you enter into your retirement years. Happy Retirement!
  • This company grew because you were a very important part of it. Now that you are leaving we know that you will be irreplaceable and much as we would have liked you to stay on the time to say good bye has come. You will surely be missed.


  • You’re an important part of this company and now you’re retiring, you’ll surely be missed. I pray that you enjoy all the years ahead. Happy retirement.
  • We have had our good days and bad days here on the job but one thing that I learned about you is that you never give up and you never bow down in defeat. May this courage and strength take you far, and may you enjoy your retirement. Best wishes to you.
  • You always dreamed of being your own boss and now it is finally happening. From today and onwards you are answerable only to yourself, take coffee breaks when you feel like, your lunch breaks can be as long as you want them to be, and best of all you don’t have to come to work at all. Happy retirement to you.


Friends need utmost support after retirement. They want reassurance from you that you will not leave them like their job has. So here are some retirement wishes samples for friends.


  • I am so happy that you are finally retiring for now we can plan for all those trips that we never could take because you were always so busy. Welcome to real life at last.
  • Today is the beginning of the rest of your life and I know that just as you worked hard in your job, you will work even harder to enjoy your retirement. According to me that is just exchanging one job for another but I wish you well anyway. Happy retirement.
  • As your friend I want to say that you are a great person and an achiever, and that is what has brought you this far. Happy Retirement!
  • As you begin your retirement I send you my best wishes and pray that you will enjoy life from now onwards as you relax and just spend time doing what you love best.
  • Congratulations dear friend for having stood the test of time and put up with hundreds of hours of stressful work without breaking down. And now in return you are going to have hundreds of hours of free and relaxing time. May you enjoy this season of your life and just have fun.
  • Life never stops and retirement is just the beginning of a new phase of life. Embrace it with joy and may peace and happiness come along for the ride too. Happy retirement.
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