Being a kid, birthdays are all about parties, balloons, cakes, etc. We would get excited with the thought that someone we know is having their birthday. It doesn’t matter who the birthday celebrants are, as long as there is food and party accessories, no problem at all. But as we get older, everything becomes different. Birthdays no longer mean parties with clowns and balloons, but a very special one that has to be celebrated with friends and love ones. As long as we are with the people close to our hearts, it will be the best birthday ever. So, missing a special moment of someone close to you is the hardest thing to compensate. But you can make it easier by sending some heartfelt belated birthday wishes. 

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Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

So many things may happen in our lives. There will be events, occasions and holidays, but the most important event that no one can ever forget is their birthday. How can they ever forget the day that set their life in motion? So here are some lovely belated birthday wishes to compensate.


I didn’t send my birthday wish to you on time,
because I want it to be special,
since I’m giving this to a special person like you.
Belated Happy Birthday!

I missed your birthday!
I want to make it up to so I’m sending you a double kiss
and a double hug to give you a double fun!
Belated Happy Birthday!


You’re beautiful when you’re smiling.
So, I hope this late message can still make you smile.
Belated Happy Birthday!

I prepared a greatest birthday message
to the best person in the world.
That’s why it finishes late.
Belated Happy Birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes Messages

A simple sorry won’t be enough to make your close ones feel that they are special to you and are always remembered. You need to send them some lovely belated birthday wishes and messages too. Take a cue from our ideas below.


I admit I forgot that yesterday is your birthday, so get over it okay?
But right now, I won’t let this opportunity slip away.
Belated Happy Birthday!
May all your wishes come true!

I lost track of time because I’m so busy planning
on giving you the greatest party ever!
Belated Happy Birthday!
We’ll just make this party better than the party I missed.


At this moment, wishing you a
Belated Happy Birthday is no longer applicable.
Instead, I want to wish you a happy special day
because you are special every day.

I purposely send my greetings to you a little late
because my Birthday wish for you is that;
may all the birthday wishes given to you will come true.
Belated Happy Birthday!

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

Only laughter can kill the sadness in the heart. So send your friend or relative some funny belated birthday wishes to make them forget your blunder.


I preferred to greet you late because
I want to show you how I can turn back time……EMIT….. See?
Belated Happy Birthday!

How can I make a Birthday letter if you stole my ball pen yesterday?
So stop whining and just accept my Belated Happy Birthday card.
Asking for a gift? That ball pen you stole?
It’s now yours.


You know about Birthday paradox?
Someone shared your birthday.
Unfortunately I ended up there.
I’m sorry I got lost but don’t worry you’re much beautiful
than the other birthday celebrant.
Belated Happy Birthday!

For compensation, I’m sending you two birthday wishes.
Belated Happy Birthday and Advance Happy Birthday.
So, the next time I forgot your birthday, I won’t be late anymore.

Belated Birthday Wishes And Messages

Let your closed ones know how much you regret of not having been there to celebrate their special day by sending belated birthday wishes and messages.


I believe in the saying, “better late than never”.
So, here I am, sending you my wishes.
Belated Happy Birthday to you.
I hope you had a great time on your special day.

Only the words change but the meaning is still the same.
I’m so glad to be a part of your life.
Belated Happy Birthday!
I hope you had the finest birthday ever.

Who cares if we celebrate your birthday late?
All that matter is that I’m already here to celebrate with you again.
I love you so much.
Belated Happy Birthday!

Never think that you’re not special for me because I greeted you late.
It just happened that I lose track of time.
Here, I sent you something to make you feel better.
Belated Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
I know it’s already late to tell you that.
But I want you to know how sorry I am
for not being there on your special day.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friends

Friends are hard to please, especially when you forget their birthday. But these belated birthday wishes and messages for friends will make them forgive you.


If I had a time machine,
I will definitely go back in time to wish you a Happy Birthday.
That is how I value our friendship.
Unfortunately, I don’t have one.
So, I’ll just send you my wishes now.
Belated Happy Birthday!

I believe that finding a true friend is a lifetime achievement.
That is why I am very grateful in finding you.
I hope the delay won’t change the friendship we have,
wishing you all the best.
Belated Happy Birthday!


I can still remember the day I met you.
Since that day, I ended up nothing, nothing more to ask for.
Thank you for the friendship.
Sorry for being late, I hope it won’t change a thing
‘cause I will never forgive myself if I lose a friend like you.
Belated Happy birthday!

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