16th Birthday Wishes and Messages: Someone is finally hitting their sweet sixteen, and that means its time to celebrate! For a lot of teenagers, 16 is the first real gate they have towards entering adulthood. Let them know how much you care about them with this, because its only going to happen once. If your child is the birthday boy or girl, take them down to the DMV to get their license all ready. Maybe let them drive you around a bit, if they’re enthusiastic.

Put up a few old birthday photos on Facebook or Instagram, to help mark the occasion. Have a few of their friends around and go to a movie, or to dinner. If you’re a teen getting this for a friend, get them something they’ll really appreciate that their parents just may not understand. Of course, you also have to get them a birthday card to help perfectly seal their birthday deal. Also, you need to find the best birthday card messages for them. Here are some samples you may use.

Happy 16 Birthday Wishes

16th birthday wishes

Happy sweet 16th!
Here’s to your newfound ability to literally drive your parents insane!

Your 16th birthday comes only once.
So treasure this time, and always remember how glad we all are
to have had you with us for 16 years.
Here’s to another blessed 16 more.

So you’re 16 now, and that means
you’re on your way to becoming an adult.
We’re all proud of you, and we’re looking forward to see where you go from here.
Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to one of the most special people in my world!
Growing up is a big deal, and you’re on your way
to figuring out who you really are in life.
Have a great 16th birthday and many more after it!

happy 16th birthday wishes

Here’s to a happy birthday to my newest favorite 16 year old!
Can you believe that you’ve already been on this earth for 16 years?
Imagine where you’ll be in 16 more.
Happy birthday, and enjoy this special time!

16 years, can you believe it? Well, I can.
I can see you growing up every day, and I’m so glad that I’m able to do so,
because you’re a remarkable young adult now and
you’re only going to improve from here on out.
Have a happy 16th birthday!

16th Birthday Messages Wishes

16th birthday cards

Have a happy 16th birthday!
This is just the first stop on your path to adulthood,
so just mind the road and make sure you enjoy every minute of it.
You’re an astonishing kid, and I can’t wait to see what kind of adult you turn out to be.

We’re all so proud of you for just being who you are,
and we’re happy to spend your 16th birthday celebrating you being you together.
Here’s to as many birthdays as you can stand surrounded by the people who love you!

Making it to 16 may not feel like an accomplishment,
but it’s the first stepping stone you’re taking on hopping across the river of life.
We’re all looking forward to seeing how far you make it from here.
Happy Birthday!

16th birthday messages wishes

Life is a long road, and today you’re going to start taking the wheel
and deciding where your journey will take you.
We’re all on this drive together, and I can’t wait to see where you’ll take yourself.
All the best and happy 16th birthday!

Happy Birthday to you! 16 years and counting,
and we’re all so glad we got to be a part of it so far.
I’m looking forward to your next 16 years and seeing where those take us.

16 times around the sun.
16 springs, summers, falls and winters.
16 Halloweens and Christmases and Easters.
And if that sounds like a lot, just imagine how many more of those
you’re going to experience from here on out.
Happy birthday.

16th Birthday Messages and Greetings

happy 16th birthday

First there’s driving.
Then graduation, and voting, and college,
and before you know it you’re all grown up.
Make sure you live every moment between now
and then to the fullest you can, kid.
Happy Birthday!

Grow older. Grow stronger. Grow wiser.
Always take the opportunity to grow,
with every day and every chance you get.
That’s one of the keys of growing up, and I’m looking forward
to seeing where you go from this point onwards.
Happy birthday.

16th birthday messages and greetings

No matter how many birthdays come after this,
always remember this one as the first stepping stone towards being an adult.
We’re all so proud of you for coming so far,
and we’re all excited to see where you take yourself from here on.
Happy 16th birthday!

Happy birthday to one of my best friends!
Adults will always talk about how this is a path to adulthood and whatever,
but right now, this is our time to be young.
So don’t sweat all the obligations and what’s to come.
This is important too.

Happy 16th birthday!
Sort of hard to wrap your head around
how it’s been 16 years since you were born?
Well, so are the rest of us.

16th Birthday Greetings Quotes

16th birthday greetings

Birthday time to you!
Don’t worry about what happened before or whatever is going to happen later.
For today, you’ve just gotta live in the moment
and get every bit of enjoyment you can out of it.
Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

Best wishes to you on your birthday!
Today isn’t about anyone but yourself,
so take some time and think about you!
What you’re doing, what you want to do, and so on.
Make today a fresh start for the rest of your life.

sweet 16th birthday greetings quotes

Life is a funny thing. It goes fast, it goes slow,
and before you know it you’re 16 years old,
looking out on the rest of the world.
This is when you find out who you really are,
so make sure you have fun finding out.
You have people behind you who will be more than happy to help you along your way.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite teens!
Oh, the stories I could tell you about when I was your age…
well, you probably don’t want to hear about them right now,
since this is your time to shine.
So enjoy that! Shine brightly so that others may follow in your footsteps.

Inspirational 16th Birthday Wishes

16th birthday greetings

Here is here and now is now.
Your life is yours, and every day you will take another step towards another now.
Every step is your choice to make.
Here’s to what will hopefully be part of a long line of happy birthdays

Happy birthday to you!
Take today, and every day, and make them into whatever you want them to be.
You’re the one in control of your own life,
so make sure you take it somewhere good.

This birthday is an important one.
Because every year we get to celebrate you being with us
is a year that our lives are the better for it.
Here’s to you enriching the lives of everyone around you for many more years to come.

Birthdays are both a bigger and smaller deal
than a lot of people make them out to be.
What birthdays mean is up for you to decide.
For now, however, you have a happy birthday!

Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes

inspirational 16th birthday wishes

Best wishes to my favorite teenager!
Today you shouldn’t have to worry about grades or your future or anything like that.
Today is a day of celebrating life and the people who are glad to share it with you.

Birthday time, birthday time, time to celebrate!
We’re all glad you’re in our lives, so we all love this date!
Birthday time, birthday time, best wishes to you!
And since we love you so much, happy birthday to us too!

Making your sweet 16 a special day is all I’m concerned with.
Have a magnificent birthday, and many more after this.
Just know that we all love you, and we’re all so proud of you.

Happy birthday to the best teenager in the whole wide world!
Keep moving forward, keep looking up,
and you’ll find your life is filled with happiness and success.

Happy 16th! You may be ahead of some of us,
but just remember that for now you’re still in the same high school shaped boat as us.
So don’t get a big head over how now you can drive wherever you want, okay?
Happy birthday!

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