All children are special, of course. Like daughters, sons are the answers to many a prayer. Little boys grow up to be fathers, and you want to raise them just right.Before you may used to conduct his birthday, But now he has grown up and you may want to show your affection and love by sending him birthday wishes on his birthday by a card or by through internet These happy birthday wishes for son  listed beneath this paragraph will hopefully help you say just the thing you were thinking of.

birthday wishes for son



Happy Birthday Wishes For A Son

son birthday messages

Today is a special day for one of my guys.
The guy that always makes me happy and
proud to the extent that I always tell everyone “THAT’S MY BOY!”
Happy Birthday Son.

Words aren’t enough to express how happy I am
when God gave me you as my son,
how thankful I am to be your mother,
and how hopeful I am that you’ll grow up as a great man.
Happy Birthday and I wish you all the best.

From a little boy to a grown man,
I’m very proud of who you have become.
Happy birthday my dear son.

You’re as handsome as ever,
But not a day more mature.
happy birthday to you son.

birthday wishes for son

Nothing makes a mother happier than seeing her son all grown up.
Have a happy birthday, and keep going strong.

No matter how old you get you will always be my little boy.
I love you son. Happy birthday.

My heart breaks when I see you cry.
But afterward, I know we will be okay. Happy

Sons are boys you can mold to men.
I don’t regret how you turned out.
Happy birthday to my son,
Who is now a man.

Ever changing in the sun,
Swaying with the wind,
You have never faltered.
Stay strong son.
Happy birthday.

I love you like I’ve loved no other.
No other man can take my heart like you have son.
Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom

son birthday wishes

My wish for you is to have a good health, a successful career,
and a girlfriend that could gain my trust.
Happy Birthday to Mom’s Superhero!

I’m so proud of the man you have become.
Happy birthday.

I wish you would still let me sing you too sleep.
I miss those days, but I’m happy who you have grown to be.
Happy birthday.

Don’t let anyone get in your way.
But don’t forget to do your laundry.
Happy birthday from your mother.

Life is full of surprises.
But you were the greatest surprise of all.
Happy birthday.

Thank you for understanding I had to work to take care of you.
I love you so much.
God bless and happy birthday son.

When you came to the world, you we’re the cutest of all the babies.
Now that you’ve grown, you’re the most HANDSOME they’ve ever seen.

If I would put candles on your birthday cake,
I’d only place two, cause’ you’re still mommy’s favorite little boy.
Happy 21st Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

birthday messages for son

A son is a gift to every parent.
A son is a joy to every home.
A son is a brother to all his siblings.
And you my BOY know how to play all these roles.

I taught you how to play baseball when you were a kid.
But now that you’re all grown up you always beat with all the games.
May you always get better on all good things.
Happy Birthday!

You have your mother’s eyes, your mother’s nose, and your mother’s patience.
You know what we have in common? AWESOMENESS!!!
May you have a great time on your special day.

I feel grateful having you as a son.
I feel proud with what you have become.
I feel glad with your respect and love.
Today on your special day,
I wish you all the best and continue being a great man.
Happy Birthday

With all the troubles and problems you’ve been into,
you managed to go through it all.
Truly, you grew up to be the strong man I wanted you to be.
Happy Birthday Son.

We were excited when we knew you’re coming.
We were delighted when you first held our hands.
We were joyful when we first heard you speak.
And until now, we feel lucky having you as our son.
Stay the way you are and you’ll always be blessed by God.
Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Son-In-Law

son birthday wishes

Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter.
We love you.
Happy birthday son-in-law.

A son is a man who cares greatly about his family.
Welcome to mine.
Happy birthday.

I will cook for you.
I will even spit shine your face.
You are my son now.
Happy birthday.

I guess you will have to do.
My daughter loves you.
Happy birthday.

Son-in-law, such a strange word to say.
Happy birthday son.

Birthday Messages Wishes for Son

birthday greetings for son

You make your father one proud dad.
I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect son.
Man to man, I love you and happy birthday.

You’re a good kid.
So I know I am a good parent.
Happy birthday son.

This Birthday celebration is brought to you by:
sister’s bright ideas; mom’s patience in raising you up; and dad’s perfect genes.
Happy Birthday to you!

birthday wishes for son in law

Mommy’s intellect + Daddy’s good looks = “YOU”
Happy Birthday!

No matter how long the time passes by,
how tall you are getting,
and how many girls run after you,
I love you and Happy birthday!

We panicked when you first heard you cry.
We didn’t know what to do and how to cheer you up.
As time goes by, we eventually learned
how to make you laugh and make everything right.
Today we are going to remember and celebrate the day
that God gave us the greatest blessing.
Happy birthday My Son. I love you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

funny birthday wishes for son

It’s your birthday. Don’t expect anything else.
I never got anything.
Love you son.
Happy birthday.

Happy eighteenth birthday!
I got you some boxes.

I bought you a car for your birthday!
It doesn’t even need gas.
But it might need some double A’s.
Happy birthday son!

Your old enough to do your own laundry now.
Happy birthday.

Happy birthday son.
Don’t expect this to mean I have to tell you I love you.
Happy birthday from your old man.

sweet happy birthday to son

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