Romantic Messages for Her

Romantic messages for girlfriend, wife and fiancee’: Spice up your love by sending her romantic messages that make her know you are thinking about her and you value her in your life. She will know that you are not taking her for granted and your love will grow deeper.



  • Baby girl you are the only one who makes me feel like a hero. I want to be there to protect you always, and be the one who makes you smile. I love you.


  • I am not perfect nor will I ever be, but my love for you is perfect and so I hope enough to chase all your fears and insecurities away. I love you girl.
  • That this message is short does not mean my love is any less. I love you deeply girl.

  • Woman, you perfect for me. Yours truly and forever.
  • I am not just anyone, I am someone because you love me girl.


  • Who cares what the world thinks? You are my number one girl and that is how it will stay forever.
  • I want to buy you a veil to cover your radiant face. Your smile is dazzling, you are making me blind.
  • Take a chance on me baby girl, you will find my love deep and true.



  • Come closer my love and touch my heart and feel its rhythm. It sings your name over and over again as the one woman to whom it belongs. I love you baby.
  • Sometimes I wish I were a poet so that I could spin words of love that will let you know how much I love you. May my simple words convey that message to you loud and clear.
  • Who ever knew that a small woman like you could bring a big man like me to my knees? I take my position here gladly for you are worthy of my adoration baby.

  • When I see you smile my heart is glad and I would pluck grapes from the top of the highest mountain in the world just so you could always have a smile.
  • I would compete with Hercules just to hold the Atlas Mountains on my shoulders and find you a deep cave in them to keep you safe.


  • You have been my inspiration and with you by my side I feel I can conquer the world. Walk with me honey and let us walk into the sunshine together.
  • Just thinking about you makes even tough days go smoothly. You have given me a reason to hope and face the future girl. I love you.



  • The little thoughtful things that you do for me count for something so big and I am the luckiest man on earth to have found such a caring girl like you.
  • I have nothing in the way of worldly riches and goods to offer you and yet I am amazed each and every day that you choose to be with me. You are an awesome person.

  • Your tender heart and gentle smile make any and every pain worthwhile. Knowing you are there for me makes unbearable times bearable.


  • You are the epitome of womanhood to me baby. Your love is all encompassing, rich and deep, I could swim in it forever and never want to come to shore.
  • Let me be the man to lift you up when life wants to put you down, let me be the man to hold you close when the world turns against you, let me be the man to always make you smile when life throws challenges at you. Please baby, let me be your man.



  • When I chose you I got more than I expected. I expected ordinary and got extraordinary, I expected love and got adoration. I expected smiles and laughter came along too. Baby I got the best when I chose you.

  • Through the years you have been a source of inspiration and that is why I have achieved all that I have. It may not be much but to me it is a world of wealth. You are a great woman and I love you dear wife.


  • God smiled on me when He gave you to me to be my helpmeet, and through the years I have seen His wonderful blessings as we have shared joy and pain, laughter and sadness. You have been my anchor baby and I thank God everyday for you. I love you darling.
  • No man can claim to be richer than the other because true wealth is not found in material things, but in deep and sincere hearts filled with love like yours. No man can compete with me and hope to win in the game of love, for I have the one and only prize trophy. Love you honey.

  • Walking with you through life, loving you, sharing all with you has been great and I would have it no other way. You are the woman that makes me the man that I am. I love you.


Everyone wants to love and be loved and it is a great day when a man finds a woman that feels the same way about him as he does her. That special woman in your life is there because she wants to be and because she loves you and believes that you can share wonderful moments together, and if possible build a lifetime together. When you met her and fell in love with her and decided that she was the one you had been searching for, it seemed as if fireworks exploded. She needs to know that you still feel deeply for her if not more and a woman never tires of hearing loving words from her man.

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