The one time that we need to have the support of loved ones around us is when dealing with emotions. Such times are difficult for everyone and sometimes knowing that there is hope, can go a long way in lifting our spirits. This is the reason why condolence messages are very necessary during these difficult times. Even when you are far away and you can’t offer support to those you care about, you can always find a good condolence message or card with a heartfelt message to console the hearts of those you love. We have sampled some messages to help you extend your sympathies to those going through grief. The following is a list you can choose from;

Condolence Messages For Family


“Please accept my heartfelt condolences, and hope you know that I am here for you, most especially during this time of grief!”

“May the Lord provide you with the strength and comfort to see you through the difficult times. My most sincere condolences.”

“It is with deep sadness that I received the news of the passing of (deceased name). May her soul rest in eternal peace. Please do not hesitate to ask for my assistance in anything you may need. My sincerest condolence!”

“I cannot turn back the hands of time, but I will have you in my prayers. My condolences for your loss.”

“I know that there is no amount of words that can help ease the pain. But I hope with all my heart that you know that you are not alone and that you can count on me. My most sincere condolences.”


“I would do anything to make your pain go away. This is just to let you know that you that you are not alone because you have me to lean on. My condolence dear!”

“Wishing you find peace throughout this very difficult time. Accept my sincere condolence.”

“My prayer during this time of grief is that you focus on the golden memories of your ( relationship of deceased) to give you the strength to face another tomorrow. Hold on to those memories so that he/she may live in your heart forever. My condolence for your loss.”

Condolence Messages For Loss


“Even though I am far away, please accept my condolence as I continue to pray that you find peace. I hope that you are surrounded by all the support you need. My deepest condolence.”

“I know that there is nothing that can be compared to the pain you are going through right now. My prayer is that the Almighty may cover you with His love and shower you with peace that comes from above, even as He comforts you and your family. Accept my heartfelt condolence.”

“After years of suffering, please find comfort in the thought that ( the deceased’s name) has finally found peace. May the Lord give you strength as you go through this difficult time. My sincere condolence.”

“Words cannot express how much we/ I saddened by the passing away of (deceased). He/she will be deeply missed by all of us, may God Rest his/ her soul in peace. My condolence.”

“It is an unfortunate time and my prayer is that you find the strength to go through it. I know that my words cannot take the pain away but I sincerely hope that you reach out whenever you need any assistance. My deepest condolence.”

“As (deceased’s name) journeys to our creator, I pray that you find comfort in the thought that he/she is in a better place. Take heart, be strong and remember that we are all here for you. My most sincere condolence.”

“Please receive the most sincere condolences from my family to yours. We are praying for you all and hoping that the mercies of the Almighty be bestowed upon your lives. My condolence.”

Examples Of Condolence Messages


“I am saddened by the sudden demise of our dear friend (deceased). She was greatly loved, respected and admired. May his/ her soul rest in eternal peace! My sincere condolence.”

“May this condolence message bring comfort to your broken heart. I will remember you in prayers. My deepest condolence.”

“Please trust in our friendship and know that you can count on my support throughout this unfortunate time. My deepest condolence.”

“I know there is no greater sorrow than the loss of a loved one. This is just to remind you that I am here for whatever you may need plus here is my shoulder for when you can’t hold back tears. My condolences for the loss.”

“I am truly sorry for your loss. My hope and prayer is that you have renewed strength to face every second of this difficult time. My most sincere condolence.”

“May the outpouring love of the Almighty cover you and offer comfort throughout this very difficult time. My thoughts are with you throughout this unfortunate time.”

“I know it is not easy to look ahead through the tears; but please hold on to my hand and remember that I won’t leave your side. My condolence for your loss.”

“Even though (deceased) is not with us today, he/she will forever be in our hearts. I am sending you my love and prayers and hoping you find peace in this time of grief. My heartfelt condolence my friend.”

Condolence Messages For Loss Of A Friend


“It is sad to accept that a good soul like (deceased) had to leave us so soon. He/she will be greatly missed and forever cherished in our hearts. Accept my condolence.”

“There is nothing that we/I could offer that can make things less painful. So I look up to the heavens and ask God to shower you with His grace to give you the strength you need to go through this time of sorrow. My sincere condolence.”

“With lots of love we as a family would like to send you our sympathy and let you know that we share in your pain. May you find the serenity and strength to overcome the pain. Our deepest condolence.”

“It is never easy to accept the loss of a loved one; we know it must be very difficult for you. This is just to let you know that you are not alone and that you have a family in us all. Our most sincere condolence.”

“I am sorry for your loss. Please look back and find comfort in the beautiful memories you made together, cherish them so that he/she may live in your heart forever. My deepest condolence.”

“Wishing you and your family peace, comfort, strength and the Grace of God to see you through this difficult time. Receive my most sincere condolence.”

“My condolence for your loss. Please remember that (deceased) would want you to pick up, be strong, move on and be happy in life. I pray that you find peace and sufficient strength to go through this unfortunate time.”

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