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Christmas messages for cards : When herald angels came down to earth, they did not only sing the birth of our Lord, but also the love He bears for us all. Tagging along love, are hope and faith. With these three, the spirit of Christmas is born. Up to this day, we are given the same task as with these herald angels—to spread the glory and joy that comes with the birth of baby Jesus. But, we do not have wings. However we can make joyful wishes to everyone fly with the help of greeting cards.

This year, aside from beautiful Christmas gifts and presents you’re going to give to your family and loved ones, be sure to express your warmest holiday greetings too. Nothing beats the warm thought brought by a gift with a card on it. Browse our samples of Christmas card wishes and messages if you need some inspiration.

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Christmas Greetings For Cards 

Christmas is just around the corner and you still don’t know what you should write on your Christmas card? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you some inspirations for Christmas card wishes. Find some samples of beautiful Christmas card wishes below.

merry christmas massages

“Because of you, Christmas became every day to me. This coming new year, I will not let go of your hand so that I can return that favor.”

“May your family’s blessings this Christmas overflow the same way ours is right now. And, I pray that you keep sharing your blessings for all days of the New Year.”

“We wish for you and your family this Christmas more days of feasting, prayer and peace—and a big hear to share all of these to everyone.”

“I wish for you this Christmas all the hugs and kisses from your family and friends, and give back to them the gift of joy and love.”

“We may not have seen each other eye to eye this past year, but your presence is invaluable to me, so this Christmas I offer you peace and better companionship.”


Christmas Card Messages For Family and Friends

Remind your loved ones that though you don’t repeat it often, but you truly love them. This is the season when the saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ truly makes a difference. Giving them a card with a heartwarming Christmas wishes on them is  a perfect way to express your love to your family and friends. Here are some inspiration for you holiday wishes.

christmas and new year cards

“Family. It’s the one gift from you I keep looking forward to get every year. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad.”

“Christmas is a giant party I throw every year, but your presence in it is one that can give an extra layer of meaning to celebrating it.”

“Your friendship is as gentle and pure and quiet as the falling snow. Yet, sharing the cheers of the season with you is more resounding than any church bell.”

“From our home to yours, may your family’s heart burn the warmest it ever has this Christmas as we celebrate our Lord’s love.”

“More than the glistening snow or the twinkling lights, what makes Christmas extra special are people with big happy hearts like yours.”

Christmas Card Greetings, Christmas Card Wishes

“My wish is for you to have a pure soul and a strong heart for this Christmas and the many years to come.”

“If you’re reading this, then that means I’m waiting outside so that we can goof around in the snow and run like crazy monkeys with all the fruitcakes and peppermint cookies stuffed in our faces.”

“May this Christmas fill your heart with the innocence of a child and let the spirit of love and giving rest upon you for the days of the year.”

“Wrapping Love is serious business this time of the year. But I made sure I gave yours a special cover so you are one in a million.”

Merry Christmas Wishes for Cards

Lost of words on what to write in your Christmas card? Worry not, we wrote more Christmas card messages wishes below for you. Just scroll down and choose the best suit to your needs.

christmas cards for friends

“From our family to yours, may your hearts remain open to all the peace, happiness, hope and faith the world can give this coming New Year.”

“May your heart and soul keep their warmth and vibrancy this Christmas as they sing to a joyous melody of faith and hope.”

“My wish hasn’t changed since last Christmas Dad, even if it was already granted. I wish you wouldn’t retire being a superhero yet.”

“May this Christmas give you an even bigger heart to care for this world and share the joys of life and love to everyone.”

“Become a Christmas light that guides the feet of those who have traveled a rough and trying road.”

“You are a grown-up now my precious. So to you I give a shirt of peace and goodwill, a hat of faith and hope, a bag of love and mercy, a new pair of brave and humble jeans, and also a new pair of shoes of strength and temperance.”


Christmas Card Wishes Quotes and Best Christmas Card Wishes

christmas and new year cards

“I wish we can finally get our wings this Christmas so that you can fly to those who have lost their smiles. And then I fly behind you so that you wouldn’t lose yours.”

“I hope you get drunk this Christmas. Drink all the happiness and love around you. And then ask someone to get drunk with you.”

“This Christmas, I wish that you celebrate life in a new light and share this blessing of love to everyone around you including your boss and his family.”

“Let baby Jesus enter your home again this year and fill your hearts with the glory of the heavens above. May his birth bring you joy and hope this coming New Year.”

“Here’s hoping that it’s not the ice cream and cake and Christmas cookies that will make our friendship grow stronger and longer—but also the spaghetti and grandma’s apple pie and mom’s Japanese curry rice.”

Simple Christmas Wishes for Card, Christmas Card Greetings for Friends

“May more blessings come to you and your family this festive season. Blessings that you share with everyone through the spirit of joy and love.”

“I wish for you to find the strength to keep the light of Christmas burning even after December ends. Continue to love and share, laugh and enjoy life for whatever it brings your way.”

“You have already become God’s ultimate instrument to spread his Love to the world. My wish for you this Christmas is an upgrade for your current features of your soul and more battery life for your heart for the days to come.”

“This Christmas, I hope you wake up every morning with the heart of a child and simply enjoy the wonders of this lovely world God created for you.”

“In this season of love, I pray that you find the courage to change yourself once more into a better person that carries a pure soul and a warm heart.”

“May good health and unending happiness find you and your family this Christmas season.”

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